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About Care Curators

In 2008, I dreamed about a hub where families could access and easily navigate, coordinate, and receive services and activities to support their child's mental health. My daydream was expansive, and I had some miles to go before undertaking such a massive initiative.

In early 2021, I found myself in the position to finally launch the first phase of my dream- and in September 2021, Care Curators LLC was born.

Today, Care Curators LLC is a mission-based company, helping families navigate and access mental health supports for their children.

  • We get to know your family and child, listening to your vision and priorities.

  • We draw from our extensive referral network and 15 years of experience supporting families facing chronic and acute challenges.

  • We do the difficult work of navigating hundreds of options for mental health supports.

  • We curate a highly personalized action plan, complete with ready-to-book services that fit your needs, schedule, insurance, budget, and preferences.

  • We follow up to ensure continuity of care, to ensure the supports you choose are excellent fits, and so that together we can take on any new challenges that arise. 


We are working on our B-Corp certification, and are driven to make an impact on mental health equity, taking actionable steps towards the holistic wellbeing of all children.

Rupi Kaur wrote:

"be here

in what needs to be done today

-that's how you honor tomorrow"

Thank you for being here today.  ~Keely

Keely McMullin

Keely McMullin is the founder and CEO of Care Curators LLC.  She is a child mental health consultant and health equity advocate based in Fairfield, CT. For over 15 years, Keely has made a dynamic career of helping families who are facing chronic and acute challenges. She has extensive experience working with children with medical special needs, and understands how to ease mental burden caused by these needs. 

Keely received her Bachelor of Social Work, with a focus on working with children and families in medical settings, from New York University in 2007. She received her Child Life Certification in 2010, and Post-Graduate Certificate in Grantwriting, Philanthropy and Fundraising from New York University in 2013.


She lives with her partner, William, and their two kids, Calvin (5) and Maeve (1). Calvin was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when he was 13 months old, so Keely is personally invested as a mom of a child with a lifelong, unpredictable, and demanding autoimmune disease.

Our Why

In her experience as a medical social worker and child life specialist, Keely was frustrated by the disconnect between the mental health support available for hospitalized children, and those available after discharge.


After working with some of the nation's biggest nonprofits addressing health equity challenges for children, it became clear that the mental health toll on children needs to be addressed to the same extent as physical wellbeing- and that the gaps in this arena are massive. Better public awareness in recent years leading to high demand, and limited direction or resources, narrow the window of accessibility for many children in need of mental health support.


Through Care Curators, Keely is able to guide families to access the right mental health supports for their children, preventing and alleviating the negative impacts of unaddressed mental health stressors.

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